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MP-500 Cellule MM - sortie 3 mV - cantilever boron pointe  diamant  line  contact 899,00 € 
MP-500H Cellule  montée  sur  porte-cellule  fixation  bayonnette: SL1200, SME.. 999,00 € 
JN-P500 Diamant de remplacement 499,00 €


MP series highest grade model featuring overwhelming resolution

It is the flagship model of the NAGAOKA "MP" series cartridges.
It is characterized by clear sound creation, there is almost no distortion, and you can enjoy the sound quality as if you are on the conductor's podium of an orchestra.
It demonstrates its capabilities in combination with high-quality amplifiers and speakers.

Nagaoka MP-500

899,00 €Prix

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