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Blocs de puissance stéréo à transistor de référence.


Open your mind and experience the true depth of sound. An industry defining debut for our M-10X flagship amplifier.


Looking ahead to the 100th anniversary of our founding in 2025, we have returned to the fundamentals of music playback and have finally achieved a LUXMAN milestone, while still looking toward the future, we present our new generation flagship stereo power amplifier, the M-10X.
The most important innovation is the realization of our new amplification feedback engine “LIFES”, which has been developed and refined through the skillful attention of LUXMAN’s technical team. While based on our traditional ODNF technology, we implemented a fundamental review of the system and every detailfrom the layout down to individual components which all contribute to a rich musicality, full of vitality.
High performance drivability enhances playback through any speaker system.A beautiful chassis housing design, with blasted white finish, is proudly complimented with proper analog meters.This exquisite flagship model, the M-10X, can evoke what we mean by the true depth of sound, marking the beginning of a new era for LUXMAN.


19 890,00 €Prix
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  • Rated output

    150W + 150W (8Ω)/at stereo
    300W + 300W (4Ω)/at stereo
    600W (8Ω)/at monaural

    Instantaneous max. output    1,200W + 1,200W (1Ω)/at stereo
    2,400W (2Ω)/at monaural
    Input sensitivity    1.24V/150W (8Ω)
    GAIN 29.0dB
    Input impedance    Unbalanced 51kΩ
    Balanced 28kΩ
    Frequency response    20Hz to 20kHz (+0, -0.1dB)
    1Hz to 130kHz (+0, -3.0dB)
    Total harmonic distortion    0.003% or less (1kHz/8Ω)
    0.04% or less (20Hz to 20kHz/8Ω)
    S/N ratio (IHF-A)    117dB
    Amplification feedback circuit    LIFES 1.0
    Output configuration    3 stage Darlington 4 paralleled push-pull
    Damping factor    600
    Power consumption    540W
    290W (under no signal)
    1.0W (at standby)
    External dimensions    440(W) x 224(H) x 488(D) mm
    front side knob of 2mm and rear side terminal
    of 38 mm included in depth
    Net weight    48.4kg
    Accessories    Trigger cable (Modular/3.5mm Monaural)
    Power cable
    Speaker terminal
    Supported Y-lug terminal
    Width of part a: 15mm or less
    Width of part b: 8mm or more
    * Connection may not be performed
    depending on the shape of the
    Y-lug terminal.    


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