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Reliable groove reading, accurately articulating the most delicate music signals pressed on vinyl

LUXMAN’s latest phono cartridge is the LMC-5. After 40 years’ experience, our aim was to design it to have sensitivity to all the musical information pressed on a record. The MC type power generation engine features a cross-mounted iron core with a compact magnetic system to improve efficiency. For the vibration detection system, we selected a combination of an aluminum cantilever and a SHIBATA stylus, which boasts excellent tracing ability. In addition, the unique housing structure was achieved by repeated prototyping and fine tuning. We have developed this cartridge with confidence for all those who love vinyl and value its musicality.


Stylus and power generation circuit
• The power generation mechanism is a moving coil (MC) type, reducing the weight of
the armature
• The SHIBATA needle has less audible noise while delivering full range vinyl reading
• The aluminum cantilever has a neutral tone that goes well with the SHIBATA needle
• Reduced cross-channel sensitivity with directly wound cross mounted coils, to which
the L/R power generation coils are wound symmetrically
• Circuit structure with minimal loop area reduces external noise
• The UEW coil wire has a radius of 30μm, the thinnest in the range, and is resistant
to breakage while ensuring coil winding direction
• Low-distortion structure, using a single point piano wire support method for
accurate vibration
■Body structure and design
• A stylus unit is regarded as acoustically equivalent to a microphone, so resonance
and reflected sound from around the device should be thoroughly suppressed.
• Next to the stylus unit, there is an outer wall protecting the cantilever
• Structural chassis with inverted oval curves to reduce resonance and reflections
• A carefully pared down body structure with minimal outer wall weight as a resonance countermeasure
• Alumite body design, dyed deep red, LUXMAN’s corporate color

Luxman LMC-5

2 290,00 €Prix
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  • Specifications
    Power generation method MC (MOVING COIL)
    Inner impedance 4.7Ω (1kHz)
    Appropriate stylus pressure 2.1 to 2.3g (2.2g as standard)
    Output voltage 0.4mV (1kHz、3.54cm/sec.)
    Playback frequency range 10Hz to 35kHz
    Channel separation/balance 28dB (1kHz)/0.5dB (1kHz)
    Recommended load resistance (when
    head amp is connected)
    40Ω or more
    Recommended load resistance (when
    connecting a step-up transformer)
    2.5 to 10Ω
    Dynamic compliance 8×10-6
    cm/dyne (100Hz)
    Needle tip/shape Solid diamond/SHIBATA needle
    Cantilever Φ0.5mm aluminum
    Vertical tracking angle 25°
    Magnet Samarium-cobalt magnet BH20
    Coil 30μm UEW
    Terminal Φ1.2mm、White:L(+)/Blue:L(-)/Red:R(+)/Green:R(-)
    Magnetic circuit components Pure iron
    Body Aluminum A6063
    Dimension, Cartridge mounting hole 17.0(W)×18.3(H)×21.3(D) mm (excluding terminals)、M2.6mm ×2
    Weight 8.5g
    Owner’s manual, Head shell mounting screws and washers, hexagon wrench, stylus
    ※ Cartridge shell and lead wire are not included


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