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Cellule à aimant mobile MM - Anniversaire 80 ans - sortie 3 mV 

JTS-80BK NEW Diamant de remplacement - cantilever boron pointe Diamant Tarif 395€


It is a model using a boron cantilever and an solid elliptical needle, and it is characterized by the delicacy of the high range and the good sound balance from the low range.

Nagaoka JT-80BK

595,00 €Prix
  • format Moving magnet type (MM type)
    output 3.0 mV (5 cm / sec)
    Frequency characteristic 20Hz-20.000Hz
    Channel separation 25dB (1Khz)
    Channel balance 1.0 dB or less
    Load resistance 47kΩ
    Load capacity 100pF
    Cantilever boron
    Needle tip 0.4x0.7mil ellipse / diamond
    Stylus pressure 1.3g-1.8g
    Torridge own weight 6.7g
    Dynamic Compliance 7.3×10⁻⁶㎝/dyne

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