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A1 Whole Lotta Lovin'

Featuring – Ron Carter

A2 Born Of A Woman

Featuring – Shaneeka Simon

A3 Whole World's Got The Blues

Featuring – Eric Gale

B1 Dear America
B2 Different Picture

Featuring – Chuck Campbell (3)

B3 Tell Yourself
C1 Emmet's Ghost

Featuring – Ron Carter

C2 White & Black
C3 Along The Way
C4 Talkin' 'Bout A Train Part 1

Featuring – Billy Branch

D1 Talkin' 'Bout A Train Part 2
D2 Love's Kingdom

Featuring – Glen Scott, Tommy Sims

D3 One-ness Of Love


Recorded before the pandemic shuttered the world’s recording studios, the chemistry on ‘Dear America’ is palpable, with each musician playing with the emotional commitment demanded by the material. In November 2019, the bandleader hit Brooklyn’s Studio G to track the album with producer/co-writer Glen Scott, along with a studio band featuring the talismanic drummer Steve Jordan and Memphis guitar sensation Eric Gales. What resulted is a thoughtful record that brings Bibb full circle, taking the pulse of these febrile times while returning the songwriter to his proud roots in New York. “My home now is Sweden,” says Bibb, “But New York City was where I came of age. So to be there, recording this album that had so much to do with my whole journey – it was really inspiring.” And yet, just as the history of the United States has both light and shade, so does ‘Dear America’. It’s a record that laces its exploration of the nation’s most poisonous issues with hope, love and a brighter road ahead. All is not lost, stresses Bibb, and neither are we. Bibb leaves no doubt that the future is ours to write.



Eric Bibb - DEAR AMERICA 2LP 180gr.

34,00 €Prix
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