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● Made in Japan ●

Using a stainless steel material with high specific gravity, bring the record board into close contact with the turntable and suppress mechanical resonance. Trace of the groove becomes accurate, the clear feeling of the reproduced sound, resolution improves.
In order to repeat "put on and take off" on the record board, as a result of design consideration not to drop, we made it a unique shape gutted deeply at the record board side. It is a universal design that hooks and lifts all fingertips without relying on muscular strength.
The main body is cut with high precision with NC processing machine, and all domestic production parts including the package are used. The top surface is processed into coarse spin eyes, and it combines shine and prevention of fingerprint adhesion at the same time.

■ Features
• Increase the degree of adhesion to the turntable and suppress the mechanical resonance of the record board
• No trembling of the sound groove, accurate vibration of the needle tip and cantilever improves clear feeling of reproduced sound
• Use stainless steel with high specific gravity and consider the balance of size and weight (about 600 g)
• Unique shape hanging all the fingertips to prevent falling
• The main body is cut with high precision by NC processing machine and all domestic production parts are used



Nagaoka Palet Presseur

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