Platines vinyle

Le vinyle est de retour? 

Nous avons une vaste expérience sur les platines neuves ainsi que sur les platines vintage pour vous conseiller au mieux.

La platine est seulement un élément de votre plateforme analogique: bras, cellule et étage phono contribuent fortement au résultat final. C'est un ensemble qu'il faut sélectionner et mettre en oeuvre.

A propos de mise en oeuvre, nous vous proposons un service de livraison, installation et mise en oeuvre gratuit en IDF (et ailleurs sur demande) pour toute plateforme analogique qui nécessite une installation ponctuelle.

La platine parfaite pour Zen HI-FI:

  • Une platine complètement manuelle
  • Simple à régler et à mettre en ouvre, pareil pour l'entretien 
  • Un bon bras et câble de modulation
  • La meilleure cellule possible pour le bras et l'étage phono choisis
  • Une platine bien réglée (mise à niveau, poids de lecture cellule, azimut et VTA bras, ...)

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La disponibilité et donc les délais de livraison peuvent varier entre 24-48H pour les produits en stock et jusqu'à 4-5 semaines selon les modèles et les configurations demandées. 

Notre sélection vinyles, CD et SACD neufs

Chet Baker Quartet - Chet Baker in Paris, Vol 2 - Barclay - 1956

Last Copies !!!! Recording: October 1955 in Paris at Studio Pathé-Magellan. Original LP issue: Barclay 84.017. On October 24th only Jimmy Bond was still with Chet : Peter littman had returned to America, and his seat was now accupied by Nils-Bertil 'Bert' Dahlander, a Swedish drummer who'd accompanied Lars Gullin. At the Keyboard was an almost-unknown pianist named Gérard Gustin who'd just been signed to a contract by Eddie Barclay. Given the context, they were obliged to fall back on standards. Chet knew how to play these better than anyone. He chose eight : 'These Foolish Things', wich stayed in his quartet's répertoire for a while ; five others, wich the trumpeter performs here for the first time - 'There's a Small Hotel, Autumn In New York, Summertime, You Go To My Head, Tenderly - and two - I'll Remember April and Lover Man - that he'd done less than tend ays earlier together with Lars Gullin and Dick Twardzik, whose disappearance was still something Chet refused to accept. Given this state of affairs, the whole session exudes a kind of sadness that's impossible to put down, whatever the choice of tune or tempo. Never before had Chet been as totally moving as he is throughout 'You Go To My Head'. Text - Alain Tercinet Chet Baker (Trumpet) Gerard Gustin (Piano) Jimmy Bond (Bass) Bert Dalhander (Drums) Side A Summertime 4'16 You Go To My Head 5'54 Tenderly 6'39 Lover Man 4'52 Side B Small Hotel 3'48 I'll Remember April 5'51 These Foolish Things 4'41 Autumn In New York 7'06 Re-mastered from the original master tapes. Limited edition 180 gr vinyl pressed by Pallas in Germany. Facsimile reissue using the original photo from Jean-Pierre Leloir. Double insert using an original photo by JP Leloir from the session. Each record has been visually checked to prevent defects.

28,00 €

Chet Baker and his Quintet with Bobby Jaspar - Chet Baker in Paris, Vol 3

Recorded between Tuesday October 25th, 1955 and February 10th, 1956, Pathé-Magellan Studio, Paris. Original LP issue: Barclay 84 042. This session was recorded at Studio Pathé-Magellan in Paris, between Tuesday October, 25th, 1955 and February, 10th, 1956. This record is the third and last record for the Barclay label. In answer to an offer from Nicole Barclay, Chet Baker arrived in Paris early in September 1955. On the 22nd - or maybe the 23rd - he signed a contract to make seven records... (The figure was later erased and replaced by «three», which turned out to be correct). Released after the trumpeter's return to the USA, this last volume was construed as rather a poor relation opposite the others in the trilogy, all the more so because, hurriedly drafted, the sleeve-notes did little to render unto Caesar the things which were Caesar's. Unlike the earlier opuses, this one was in no way a concept-album: it contented itself with a simple overview of Chet's Parisian associations, depending on where his fancies took him in the course of his stay. When Chet entered the Studio Pathé-Magellan on October 25th, only one member of his original accompanying trio was still present: pianist Dick Twardzik had died of an overdose, and drummer Peter Littman had returned home after selling his kit for whatever it would fetch. Jimmy Bond and his contrabass, however, were both still there, and in the ensuing octet session Chet's melodic gifts were magnified by (remarkable) scores penned by Pierre Michelot - 'Chet', 'Dinah' - and Christian Chevalier 'Vline'. The three pièces were mini-concertos, and the trumpeter loved them so much that he decided to do them again back in America... but not so successfully. On November 28th Chet went back into the same studio, this time with Raymond Fol on piano, Benoît Quersin on bass and Jean-Louis Viale on drums. They recorded two improvisations: the first was based on a 1932 standard from Howard Dietz and Arthur Schwartz, 'Alone Together', while the second began with 'Exitu's, a composition written by one of Baker's friends, Phil Urso. The performances are among the most beautiful that Chet produced during this period, along with 'Chekeetah' - or 'Chik-Etah' - and 'How about You?' which put the seal on a partnership that had first come to light at the Club Saint-Germain, temporarily rechristened for the occasion: «Every Saturday and Sunday afternoon from 16h30 to 19h30 at the Barclay's Club - 13 rue Saint-Benoît, Paris - Bobby Jaspar Quintet with American trumpeter Chet Baker,» read the sign. The format was stylistically ideal, leading Chet to abandon the quartet format he'd preferred up until then. To respect his next bookings, Chet had to get a stable band together, and as his pianist he chose Raph Schecroun - later known as Errol Parker - who was himself replaced by Francy Boland. Alongside him were bassist Eddie de Haas, who'd previously been with Martial Solal and Henri Renaud (the latter, in the adventure, also lost his regular drummer, Charles Saudrais, who was just seventeen. According to Jean-Louis Chautemps, "When Bobby Jaspar couldn't do it or just wanted too much, they looked for someone cheaper; and that was me. There wasn't really an audition: we were in the Tabou, I played with Chet, he said OK and, two days later, we found ourselves in Reykjavik, Iceland." The tune 'Tasty Puddin'g written by Al Cohn and 'Anticipated Blues', one of the rare pieces Chet claimed to have written, were in the repertoire played by this last Baker-led formation on the Old Continent. Both pieces, once again, moved Pierre Michelot to pass judgement: «With ordinary means, Chet managed to play phrases of extraordinary beauty with simplicity and clarity ». Text - Alain Tercinet Side A How About You? (*) Once in a While (**) Chekeetah (*) Alone Together (**) Chet (#) Side B Dinah (#) Tasty Pudding (##) Anticipated Blues (##) V-Line (#) Exitus (**) (#) Chet Baker Octet Paris, October 25, 1955 Chet Baker (tp), Benny Vasseur (tb), Jean Aldegon (as), Armand Migiani (ts), William Boucaya (bars), Rene Urtreger (p), Jimmy Bond (b) and Nils-Bertil Dahlander (d). (**) Chet Baker Quartet Paris, November 28, 1955 Chet Baker (tp), Raymond Fol (p), Benoit Quersin (b) and Jean-Louis Viale (d). (*) Chet Baker Quintet Paris, December 26, 1955 Chet Baker (tp), Bobby Jaspar (ts), Rene Urtreger (p), Benoit Quersin (b) and Jean-Louis Viale (d). (##) Chet Baker Quintet Paris, February 10, 1956 Chet Baker (tp), Jean-Louis Chautemps (ts), Francy Boland (p), Eddie De Haas (b), Charles Saudrais (d). Re-mastered from the original master tapes. Limited edition 1000 copies. 180 gr vinyl pressed by Pallas in Germany. Facsimile reissue using the original photo from Herman Leonard. Double insert using original photos by JP Leloir. Each record has been visually checked to prevent defects.

28,00 €

Miles Davis - Ascenseur pour l'échafaud - OST - Fontana - 1958 

Recorded in Paris, December 4, 1957. Original LP 10-inch issue: Fontana 660.213 MR. In 1957, Miles Davis is in Paris for an engagement at the 'Club Saint-Germain' and a wonderful concert at the Olympia Theatre. Once in Paris, Miles came into contact with many members of the modern existentialist cultural environment in the neighborhood of Saint-Germain-des-Près. These include the director Louis Malle who had just finished his first movie : 'Ascenseur Pour L'échafaud'. Jean-Paul Rappeneau, a Jazz fan and Louis Malle's assistant at the time, suggested asking Miles Davis to create the film's soundtrack. A private sceening has been organized. On December 4 1957, Miles Davis brought three French Jazzmen - Barney Wilen on tenor saxophone, René Urtreger on piano, Pierre Michelot on bass and his american compatriot Kenny Clarke on drums - to the recording studio 'Le Poste Parisien' without having them prepare anything. Miles Davis only gave the musicians a few rudimentary harmonic sequences he had assembled in his hotel room. This recordings was made at night in a most informal atmosphere. The soundtrack was not released on it's own in the USA but ten songs from this soundtrack was released as one side of the album Jazz Track which received a 1960 Grammy nomination for Best Jazz Performance, Solo or Small Group. 'Ascenseur Pour L'échafaud' has become a great achievement of artistic excellence. Miles Davis (Trumpet) René Urtreger (Piano) Barney Wilen (Tenor Saxophone) Pierre Michelot (Bass) Kenny Clarke (Drums) Side A Générique 2'47" L'assassinat des Carala 2'09" Sur l'autoroute 2'18" Julien dans l'ascenseur 2'09 Florence sur les Champs-Elysées 2'51" Side B Diner au motel 3'56" Evasion de Julien 0'51" Visite du vigile 2'04" Au bar du petit bac 2'53" Chez le photographe du motel 3'57" Re-mastered from the original master tapes with the echo effects. Cut by Ray Staff at Air Mastering Studio in London. Limited edition 1000 copies. Vinyl pressed by Pallas in Germany. 10-inch - Facsimile reissue using the original cover art with OBI. Double insert using an original photo by Gérad Landau/INA from 1957. Each record has been visually checked to prevent defects.

24,00 €

John Lewis / Sacha Distel - Afternoon in Paris - Versailles - 1957

Recorded in Paris, December 4 & 7, 1956. Original LP issue: Versailles MEDX 12005. It was in Paris that John Lewis co-led this 1956 date with Sacha Distel, a French guitarist who never became well known in the U.S. but commanded a lot of respect in French jazz circles. The same can be said about the other French players employed on 'Afternoon in Paris' - neither tenor saxophonist Barney Wilen nor bassist Pierre Michelot were huge names in the U.S., although both were well known in European jazz circles. With Lewis on piano, Distel on guitar, Wilen on tenor, Michelot or Percy Heath on bass, and Kenny Clarke or Connie Kay on drums, the part-American, part-French group of improvisers provides an above-average bop album that ranges from "Willow Weep for Me," "All The Things You Are," and "I Cover the Waterfront" to Milt Jackson's "Bags' Groove" and Lewis' title song. The big-toned Wilen was only 19 when 'Afternoon in Paris' was recorded, but as his lyrical yet hard-swinging solos demonstrate, he matured quickly as a sax man. A mythic LP and one of the best recorded in France!!! John Lewis (Piano) Sacha Distel (Guitar) Barney Wilen (Tenor Saxophone) Pierre Michelot (Bass) Tracks A1, A2 & A3 / Percy Heath (Bass) Tracks B1, B2 & B3. Connie Kay (Drums) Tracks A1, A2 & A3 / Kenny Clarke (Drums) Tracks B1, B2 & B3. Side A I Cover The Waterfront (Johnny Green) 6'45 Dear Old Stockholm (Trad) 6'01 Afternoon in Paris (John Lewis) 9'21 Side B All The Things You Are (Jerome kern - Oscar Hammerstein) 5'12 Bags' Groove (Milt Jackson) 6'08 Willow Weep For Me (Ann Ronnell) 9'33 Re-mastered from a copy of the master tapes. Cut by Ray Staff at Air Mastering Studio in London. Limited edition 1000 copies. 180 gr vinyl pressed by Pallas in Germany. Facsimile reissue with flipback sleeve using the original photo by JC Bernath. Double insert using an original photo by JC Bernath from 1956. Each record has been visually checked to prevent defects.

28,00 €

Tony Allen ‎- A Tribute To Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers - Vinyl 10" 45RPM

Label:Blue Note ‎- 574439 4 Tracklist A1 Moanin' A2 Night In Tunisia B1 Politely B2 The Drum Thunder Suite Crédits Alto Saxophone - Rémi Sciuto (tracks: A2, B2) Arranged By - Tony Allen Baritone Saxophone - Rémi Sciuto (tracks: A1, B1) Bass - Mathias Allamane Design [Sleeve Design] - Rebecca Meek Drums - Tony Allen Engineer [Assistant Recording Engineer] - Etienne Clauzel Executive-Producer - Eric Trosset Lacquer Cut By - .T1..* Mastered By - Antoine "Chab" Chabert* Mixed By - Bertrand Fresel, Vincent Taurelle Photography By - Bernard Benant Piano - Jean Phi Dary* Producer, Recorded By - Bertrand Fresel, Vincent Taurelle Soprano Saxophone - Rémi Sciuto (tracks: A2) Tenor Saxophone - Jean-Jacques Elangué (tracks: A2, B1), Yann Jankielewicz (tracks: A1, B2) Trombone - Daniel Zimmermann Trumpet - Nicolas Giraud Notes "Tony Allen's snare drum is hand-made by Guillaume Carballido, luthier in Montpellier, France." ℗© 2017 Blue Note Records, a division of Universal France Made in the E.U.  

15,00 €

Miles Davis ‎- BOPPING The BLUES LP 180 gr.

Label:Black Lion Records ‎- BLP 60102, ORG Music ‎- ORGM-1048 Reissue, Remastered, Repress, 180g Tracklist A1 Don't Sing Me The Blues (Take 1) 2:56 A2 Don't Sing Me The Blues (Take 2) 2:55 A3 I've Always Got The Blues (Take 1 Incomplete) 2:18 A4 I've Always Got The Blues (Take 2) 3:11 A5 I've Always Got The Blues (Take 3) 2:51 A6 Don't Explain To Me Baby (Take 1) 3:05 B1 Don't Explain To Me Baby (Take 2) 2:54 B2 Don't Explain To Me Baby (Take 3) 2:59 B3 Don't Explain To Me Baby (Take 4) 2:57 B4 Baby, Won't You Make Up Your Mind (Take 1) 2:58 B5 Baby, Won't You Make Up Your Mind (Take 2) 2:59 B6 Baby, Won't You Make Up Your Mind (Take 3 3:13 

43,00 €

London Grammar ‎- IF YOU WAIT 2LP 180gr.

Label: Metal & Dust Recordings Ltd ‎- Columbia Tracklist A1 Hey Now A2 Stay Awake A3 Shyer B1 Wasting My Young Years B2 Sights B3 Strong C1 Nightcall C2 Metal & Dust C3 Interlude D1 Flickers D2 If You Wait Sociétés, etc. Licensed To - Sony Music Entertainment Phonographic Copyright (p) - Metal & Dust Recordings Ltd. Phonographic Copyright (p) - Ministry Of Sound Recordings Ltd. Copyright (c) - Metal & Dust Recordings Ltd. Copyright (c) - Ministry Of Sound Recordings Ltd. Published By - Warner/Chappell Music Publishing Ltd. Published By - Imagem London Limited Published By - BMG Chrysalis Recorded At - State Of The Ark Recorded At - Sofa Sound Studios, London Recorded At - Smecky Music Studios Mixed At - The Boom Boom Room Mastered At - Sterling Sound Pressed By - MPO Designed At - Big Active Pressed By - GZ Media - 157526M Pressed By - GZ Media - 167218M Crédits A&R - Dipesh Parmar Art Direction - Markus Karlsson (2), Mat Maitland Contractor [Orchestra Contracted By] - James Fitzpatrick Lacquer Cut By - Stu* Management - Big Life Management, Jazz Summers, Ross Allen, Tim Parry Mastered By - Tom Coyne Mixed By - Kevin KD Davis* Performer [Performed By] - London Grammar Photography By - Lee Kirby (3) Producer [Produced By] - London Grammar, Roy Kerr, Tim Bran Recorded By [Strings Recorded By] - Jan Holzner Strings [Strings Performed By] - The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra* Strings [Strings Preparation By] - Tony Stanton Notes Printed inner sleeves with lyrics and credits. All tracks published by Warner Chappell Music Publishing Ltd. Except: Track C1 published by Imagem London Ltd. Track A3 published by Warner Chappell Music Publishing Ltd / BMG Chrysalis. Recorded at State Of The Ark Studios, Richmond, UK. Vocals recorded at Sofa Sound Studios, London, UK, except tracks A1 & D2. Strings recorded by Jan Holzner at Smecky Music Studios, Prague. Orchestra contracted by James Fitzpatrick for Tadlow Music. ℗ & © 2013 Ministry of Sound / Metal & Dust Recordings Limited under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment. Made in the EU.

35,00 €

Chet Baker ‎- The Touch Of Your Lips LP

Label: SteepleChase ‎- SCS-1122 Format:Vinyl, LP, Album, Audiophile Edition Tracklist A1 I Waited For You  8:10  A2 But Not For Me 6:00  A3 Autumn In New York 5:54  B1 Blue Room 8:36  B2 The Touch Of Your Lips  8:17  B3 Star Eyes  5:43  Printed By - Johnsen + Johnsen A/S Lacquer Cut At - Rosenborg Studio Crédits Bass - Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen Design - Per Grunnet Engineer - Freddy Hansson Guitar - Doug Raney Liner Notes - Ira Gitler Producer, Photography By - Nils Winther Trumpet - Chet Baker Notes Recorded June 21, 1979 © 2017 Steeplechase Records , Denmark

32,00 €

Cassandra Wilson ‎- Blue Light 'Til Dawn 2LP 180gr.

Label:Pure Pleasure Records ‎- PPAN BST81357Format:2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered, 180g Tracklist A1 You Don't Know What Love Is Arranged By - Brandon RossGuitar [Steel String] - Brandon RossViolin - Charlie Burnham*Vocals - Cassandra WilsonWritten-By - Don Raye, Gene Depaul A2 Come On In My Kitchen Accordion - Tony Cedras Arranged By - Brandon RossBass - Kenny DavisDrums - Lance CarterGuitar [Octave] - Brandon RossVocals - Cassandra Wilson Written-By - Robert Johnson A3 Tell Me You'll Wait For Me Arranged By - Kenny DavisBass - Kenny DavisSnare - Kevin Johnson*Vocals - Cassandra WilsonWritten-By - Charles Brown, Oscar Moore   B1 Children Of The Night Arranged By - Brandon RossClassical Guitar, Guitar [Octave] - Brandon RossPercussion - Kevin Johnson*, Lance CarterPercussion, Voice [Voices] - Vinx (2)Vocals - Cassandra WilsonWritten-By - L. Creed*, T. Bell* B2 Hellhound On My Trail Arranged By - Brandon RossCornet - Olu DaraGuitar [Steel String] - Brandon RossVocals - Cassandra WilsonWritten-By - Robert Johnson B3 Black Crow Arranged By - Cyro BaptistaClarinet - Don ByronPercussion - Bill McClellan, Cyro Baptista, Jeff Haynes, Kevin Johnson*, Lance Carter, Vinx (2)Vocals - Cassandra WilsonWritten-By - Joni Mitchell C1 Sankofa Voice [Voices], Arranged By - Cassandra Wilson Written-By - Cassandra Wilson C2 Estrellas Arranged By - Cyro BaptistaPedal Steel Guitar - Gib WhartonPercussion - Cyro Baptista, Jeff HaynesVocals - Cassandra WilsonWritten-By - Cyro Baptista C3 Redbone Arranged By - Wilson*, Baptista*, Wharton*, Haynes*Pedal Steel Guitar - Gib WhartonPercussion - Cyro Baptista, Jeff HaynesVocals - Cassandra WilsonWritten-By - Cassandra Wilson C4 Tupelo Honey Arranged By - Brandon RossBass - Lonnie PlaxicoGuitar [Steel String] - Brandon RossLyrics By [Additional From Angel] - Jimi HendrixPercussion, Percussion [Loose Change] - Kevin Johnson*Snare - Lance CarterViolin, Mandocello - Charlie Burnham*Vocals - Cassandra WilsonWritten-By - Van Morrison D1 Blue Light 'Til Dawn Arranged By - Charlie Burnham*Bass - Kenny DavisDrums - Bill McClellanPedal Steel Guitar - Gib WhartonPercussion - Cyro Baptista, Jeff HaynesViolin - Charlie Burnham*Vocals - Cassandra WilsonWritten-By - Cassandra Wilson D2 I Can't Stand The Rain Arranged By - Cassandra Wilson, Chris WhitleyResonator Guitar [National Resophonic] - Chris WhitleyVocals - Cassandra WilsonWritten-By - Peebles*, Miller*, Brvant* Phonographic Copyright (p) - Capitol Records, Inc. Copyright (c) - Capitol Records, Inc. Recorded At - Sear Sound Recorded At - Sound On Sound, New York Recorded At - Greene St. Recording Recorded At - RPM Studios Mixed At - RPM Studios Mixed At - Sound On Sound, New York Edited At - Sear Sound Mastered At - Capitol Mastering Pressed By - Schallplattenfabrik Pallas GmbH - 23053 Pressed By - Schallplattenfabrik Pallas GmbH - 23054 Record Company - Pure Pleasure Records Limited Crédits Art Direction, Design - Mark Larson Edited By, Sequenced By - Frederic Kevorkian* Engineer [Assistant] - Bil Emmons, Dinji Brown, Frederic Kevorkian*, Joe Hogan, Julio Peralta, Peter Beekerman Mastered By - Ron McMaster Mixed By - Danny Kopelson (tracks: A1 to D1) Other [Styling By] - Christina Kumi Kimble Photography By - Chris Callas* Producer - Craig Street Producer [Assistant] - Cynthia Simmons Recorded By - Danny Kopelson (tracks: A2 to C3, D1), Jamie Staub (tracks: A1, C4) Recorded By [Additional Recording] - Jamie Staub, Jimmy Douglass Recorded By, Mixed By - Jimmy Douglass (tracks: D2) Notes Purple sticker :"Pure Pleasure Records Limited- 180 Gram Vinyl Analogue Limited Edition Audiophile Re-Mastering- The Most Beautiful Music Format in The World" All songs recorded at Sear Sound and mixed at RPM Studios except: track D2 recorded and mixed at Sound On Sound; tracks A1, C4 recorded at Greene St. Studios and mixed at RPM; track C1 recorded and mixed at RPM. Edited and sequenced at Sear Sound Vinyl mastered at Capitol Mastering ℗ 1993 © 1993 Capitol Records Inc.

48,00 €

Stanley Turrentine - HUSTLIN' LP 180 gr.

Blue Note (Tone Poet) Mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio from the original master tape Plated and pressed at RTI The Blue Note Tone Poet Series was born out of Blue Note President Don Was' admiration for the exceptional audiophile Blue Note LP reissues presented by Music Matters. Was brought Joe Harley (from Music Matters), a.k.a. the "Tone Poet," on board to curate and supervise a series of reissues from the Blue Note family of labels. The scorching sax of Stanley Turrentine with the funkiness of Shirley Scott at the organ and the addition of the master guitarist Kenny Burrell is a combination that has no equal. "This is a typically excellent recording from the husband-wife team of tenor saxophonist Stanley Turrentine and organist Shirley Scott. With assistance from guitarist Kenny Burrell, bassist Bob Cranshaw, and drummer Otis Finch, Turrentine (who always had the skill of playing melodies fairly straight but with his own brand of soul) and Scott dig into "Love Letters," Lloyd Price's "Trouble," "Something Happens to Me," a couple of basic originals, and "Goin' Home." The Turrentine-Scott team never made an unworthy disc; all are easily recommended, including this one." - AllMusic 1. Trouble (No. 2) 2. Love Letters 3. The Hustler 4. Ladyfingers 5. Something Happens To Me 6. Goin' Home 

36,00 €

Pink Floyd ‎- ATOM HEART MOTHER LP 180 gr.

Label:Pink Floyd Records ‎- PFRLP5 Reissue, Remastered, Stereo, 180 Gram. Gatefold Tracklist A.a Father's Shout A.b Breast Milky A.c Mother Fore A.d Funky Dung A.e Mind Your Throats Please A.f Remergence B1 If B2 Summer '68 B3 Fat Old Sun Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast B4.a Rise And Shine B4.b Sunny Side Up B4.c Morning Glory

28,00 €

Duke Ellington - MONEY JUNGLE LP 180 gr.

Blue Note (Tone Poet) Mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio from the original master tape Plated and pressed at RTI The Blue Note Tone Poet Series was born out of Blue Note President Don Was' admiration for the exceptional audiophile Blue Note LP reissues presented by Music Matters. Was brought Joe Harley (from Music Matters), a.k.a. the "Tone Poet," on board to curate and supervise a series of reissues from the Blue Note family of labels. In 1962 Duke Ellington, Charles Mingus and Max Roach recorded Money Jungle , one of the most celebrated jazz trio albums of all time. Generational and stylistic differences between the three created fearless music. The album features some of Ellington's indelible compositions including "Caravan," "Solitude," and a stunning version of "Le Fleurs Africaines (African Flower)." Blue Note Tone Poet Series features all-analog, remastered 180-gram vinyl in deluxe gatefold packaging. Side 1 1. Money Jungle 2. Le Fleurs Africaines (African Flower) 3. Very Special 4. Warm Valley Side 2 1. Wig Wise 2. Caravan 3. Solitude 

36,00 €

The Who ‎- WHO'S NEXT LP 180 gr.

Label:Polydor ‎- Back To Black -Format:Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Remastered, 180 Gram Tracklist A1 Baba O'Riley A2 Bargain A3 Love Ain't For Keeping A4 My Wife A5 Song Is Over B1 Getting In Tune B2 Going Mobile B3 Behind Blue Eyes B4 Won't Get Fooled Again 

28,00 €

Stravinsky: Petrouchka/ Monteux LP 200g

Analogue Productions (RCA Living Stereo) RCA Living Stereo classical LPs - the gold standard for top quality orchestral performance and sound! Remastered from the original master tape and cut at 33 1/3 RPM by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound Lacquers plated by Gary Salstrom and pressed on 200-gram vinyl at Quality Record Pressings! RCA Living Stereo Reissue Series No. 2 - 25 newly-remastered classical mainstays! Analogue Productions' RCA Living Stereo Reissue Series No. 2, with 25 newly remastered mainstay classical albums, will delight and astound your ears with their clarity and warm, rich tone. As with our first highly-regarded LSC series, shortcomings of previous editions have been improved upon - from the mastering, to the LP pressing, to the sharp-looking glossy heavyweight Stoughton Printing tip-on jackets that faithfully duplicate the original artwork, "Living Stereo" logo, "Shaded Dog" label and all! Mastered by Ryan K. Smith at Sterling Sound from the original 3-track master tapes, cut at 33 1/3, and plated and pressed at Quality Record Pressings - makers of the world's finest-sounding vinyl LPs, - no other editions match these for the quietest 200-gram platters available. Pierre Monteux conducts the Boston Symphony Orchestra on this 1960 Living Stereo "Shaded Dog" pressing. Bernard Zighera, pianist. I. The Shrove-Tide Fair II. Petrouchka's Room III. The Moor's Room IV. The Fair Toward Evening 

42,00 €

Ernest Ansermet - The Royal Ballet Gala Performances (45 RPM 200 Gram 5 LP Box Set)

Dead-quiet 45 RPM 5LP set reduces distortion, improves cartridge tracking! Pressed at Quality Record Pressings; superb music and detailed, deluxe packaging Mastered by Bernie Grundman from the original analog tape Packaged in a custom-designed slipcase with integrated 22-page lavishly illustrated book Please note: Side 10 of this release is a repeat of side 1 In the hearts of thousands, No. 1 on the Top RCA list. While the bulk of Ernest Ansermet's recordings were made with L'Orchestre de la Susise Romande, there were a few with the Paris Conservatoire Orchestra and the very occasional foray into recordings with London orchestras, one of these being with the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, in 1959. Analogue Productions is proud and excited to be bringing back such a classic. Not just for the music, which is superb, but also for the detailed packaging, which in this case takes the form of a 22-page lavishly illustrated book that's integrated into the tip-on gatefold jacket for two of the LPs in this new 5LP 45 RPM box set edition. A word about 45 RPM: The dead-quiet LPs, with the music spread over nine sides of vinyl (the 10th side repeats side 1), reduces distortion and high frequency loss as the wider-spaced grooves let your stereo cartridge track more accurately. But it's more than just the vinyl that makes this release so special. If you're new to ballet, this pictorial history will introduce you to some of its most famous productions - old favorites such as The Nutcracker, Swan Lake and The Sleeping Beauty, for example - but also less familiar tales such as Carnaval, Les Sylphides and Coppélia. You'll also make the aquaintance of famous ballerinas of the Royal company, such as Margot Fonteyn, Nadia Nerina and Beryl Grey. as well as choreographers such as Jules Perrot and male dancers Alexis Rassine and Michael Somes. Musically you can't get better than the 200-gram dead-silent platters pressed by Quality Record Pressings, makers of the world's finest-sounding LPs. Of course the best vinyl reflects the best mastering, and that's accomplished here by Bernie Grundman working from the original analog tape. Stoughton Printing expertly handled the intricate gatefold tip-on package. Audiophilia Online Magazine wrote: "This is the stuff of which dreams are made. The Royal Ballet Gala is one of the finest RCAs recorded in London's Kingsway Hall. The chunks of great ballet music are well served by orchestra, conductor and engineer. Performances are executed to a very high standard - the Royal Opera House Orchestra, both then and now, rank as one of the finest of opera orchestras. "Conductor Ansermet keeps the pace moving, giving the listener the impression of a dance event rather than a dramatic concert hall reading. With the exception of some of the Tchaikovsky scenes, the music is light and remains so under Ansermet's gentle touch. Each ballet is given full attention by the players, something not always attained at Covent Garden during long ballet nights! The threat of eternity does have it's merits. The recorded sound is simply amazing! Lustrous is one word that comes to mind, accurate is another. "Tonally, Messrs. Williamson and Wilkinson have used their considerable talents to capture the orchestra superbly. Woodwind and strings glow and resonate, transporting this listener to a time when simpler recording was better. Brass ring out thrillingly and percussion effects are very musical. Be it a bang, swish, rattle, crack or snap, each percussionist is situated perfectly within the beautiful Kingsway soundstage. Even the difficult-to-record sound of the celeste is captured in it's purely mechanical form. It's delicate sound is heard to great effect during the Nutcracker - originating stage left, the sound decays across the stage of Kingsway with sparkling beauty. Wonderful." Producer: Michael Williamson Engineer Kenneth Wilkinson

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Beethoven: Triple Concerto/ Mutter/Zeltser/Yo-Yo Ma/ Von Karajan LP

Deutsche Grammophon Classical Violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter and cellist Yo-Yo Ma, who recently released a ravishing new recording of Beethoven's Triple Concerto with Daniel Barenboim and West Eastern Divan Orchestra, originally recorded the masterpiece 40 years earlier, then with pianist Mark Zeltser and Berliner Philharmoniker under the baton of Herbert von Karajan. This exciting earlier version is now available again on vinyl, with the invitation to compare the artists' interpretations then and now, in the Beethoven anniversary year. This is Karajan's 2nd recording of the Beethoven Triple. The first was made with David Oistrakh, Mstislav Rostropovich and Stanislav Richter. This 1980 recording was made when Mutter, Yo-Yo Ma and Mark Zeltser were the younger generation artists then under the guidance of the great conductor. 1.Beethoven : Triple Concerto in C Major, Op. 56 : I. Allegro 1.Beethoven : Triple Concerto in C Major, Op. 56 : II. Largo (Attacca) 2.Beethoven : Triple Concerto in C Major, Op. 56 : III. Rondo alla Polacca

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Kenny Burrell - Introducing Kenny Burrell LP 180 gr.

Label: Blue Note (Tone Poet) Mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio from the original master tape Plated and pressed at RTI The Blue Note Tone Poet Series was born out of Blue Note President Don Was' admiration for the exceptional audiophile Blue Note LP reissues presented by Music Matters. Was brought Joe Harley (from Music Matters), a.k.a. the "Tone Poet," on board to curate and supervise a series of reissues from the Blue Note family of labels. Introducing Kenny Burrell put the jazz world on notice in 1956 that an extraordinary new guitarist was on the scene who combined bebop and the blues with smoky aplomb. Burrell is accompanied on this stellar set of original and standard compositions by Tommy Flanagan on piano, Paul Chambers on bass, bebop icon Kenny Clarke on drums along with the percussion sensation from Cuba, Candido. This legendary session launched the career of one of the giants of modern jazz guitar who would go on to record his magnum opus Midnight Blue for Blue Note in 1963. Side A 1. This Time The Dream's On Me 2. Fugue 'N Blues 3. Takeela 4. Weaver Of Dreams Side B 1. Delilah 2. Rhythmorama 3. Blues For Skeeter 

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Joan Armatrading - Joan Armatrading LP 180gr. (Limited Edition)

Label: Intervention Records Joan Armatrading's 1976 self-titled classic on 180-gram vinyl 100% analog mastering from real analog tapes! Mastered by Kevin Gray at CoHearent Audio 180-gram ultra-quiet vinyl pressed at RTI Beautifully restored tip-on old style jacket printed by Stoughton Printing "One of the finest talents I have ever had the good fortune to work with ..." - Producer Glyn Johns Intervention Records is thrilled to introduce another classic record in its (Re)Discover Series, Joan Armatrading . Produced and recorded by legend Glyn Johns, Joan Armatrading is the breakout record that saw Joan assume full command of her extraordinary talents and leap to the forefront of rock's greatest female stars. A soulful, soaring voice and a powerful and evocative songwriter, her smash hits include "Love and Affection," "Down To Zero," and "Somebody Who Loves You." Joan Armatrading's 180-gram LP is 100% analog mastered by Kevin Gray at CoHEARent Audio from the best source available - phenomenal-sounding 1/2" safety copy of the original stereo master tape. The remastering is amazing! Thanks to Glyn Johns' recording and production work, Joan's vocals and guitar playing have never sounded so rich, resonant and dynamic. This is an audiophile demo disc all the way, with depth, realism and a breathing dimensionality. The album art is beautifully restored by IR's Tom Vadakan and housed in a film-laminated, Old Style "Tip-On" single-gatefold jacket printed by Stoughton Printing. Side 1   Down To Zero Help Yourself Water With The Wine Love And Affection Save Me Side 2 Join The Boys People Somebody Who Loves You Like Fire Tall In The Saddle

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Sir Eugene Goossens - Stravinsky: Le Sacre du Printemps 2LP 45RPM 200 gr.

Classic Records (Everest) UPC: 753088304712 Category: 45 RPM Vinyl Record Side 1   Le Sacre Du Printemps (The Rite of Spring) Part I Side 2   Blank Side Side 3   Le Sacre Du Printemps (The Rite of Spring) Part II Side 4   Le Sacre Du Printemps (The Rite of Spring) Part II Continued Please note: 45 RPM reissue w/ three sides of material. The Disc 1 B-side is intentionally blank The exceptional sound of Everest 35mm Magnetic Film Recordings returns! Ten Everest titles, each a 2LP 45 RPM release! 45 RPM versions have never been issued! Mastered directly from the original 35mm magnetic film using an "all tube" cutting system! Pressed on Classic's 200-gram Super Vinyl Flat Profile at Quality Record Pressings Sets come with Stoughton Printing tip-on old style original jacket artwork and Everest Records-branded jacket Two LPs are packaged in a protective clear sleeve Among Classic Records' highlight accomplishments - before the label sold in 2010 to Acoustic Sounds - was unlocking the audio majesty of the Everest 35mm magnetic film recordings on a groundbreaking reissue series. Now, return with us, as Classic Records by Analogue Productions returns this vintage audiophile collection to its rightful glory. Everest LPs through the early 1960s were recorded on 3-channel 35mm magnetic film recording equipment. 35mm magnetic film yielded greater fidelity and less noise than standard 1/4" recording tape. The Westrex Corporation built special equipment to Everest's specifications to accomplish these advantages. Fast forward to today: Classic Records by Analogue Productions is resurrecting this collection through an initial 10-title reissue series. Bernie Grundman cut the Classic Records reissues at both 33 and 45 RPM - the 45 RPM versions have never been reissued! • Quality Record Pressings 200-gram flat profile LPs - These records are pressed with a flat-edge, no groove-guard flat profile, like the originals. The flat edge refers to the absence of a raised, beaded lip on the outer edge of the record, providing a flat playing surface - and no incline - on your turntable. Quality Record Pressings' quality is legendary and these flat profile 200-gram platters will look and sound exceptional! Each 2LP set comes with a Stoughton Printing tip-on original jacket and an Everest Records branded jacket showing photos of each reissue title. The two LPs are packaged in a protective clear sleeve. Le Sacre du Printemps itself was a work that famed conductor Leonard Bernstein characterized as "only one of your everyday volcanic masterpieces...a miraculous new creation of such originality and power that still today it shocks and overwhelms us." More than a century ago Le Sacre du Printemps shocked and overwhelmed its first audience, provoking a now legendary riot at its Paris premiere whose notoriety and magnitude was unprecedented in the history of classical music. The opening night audience included, among the ladies, gentlemen and diplomats, such luminaries as Pablo Picasso, Marcel Proust, Gertrude Stein, Maurice Ravel and Claude Debussy.

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Sonny Rollins - SONNY ROLLINS VOL.2 (Mono) 2LP 45RPM 200gr.

Label: Analogue Productions (Blue Note) Analogue Productions' Blue Note and Nat "King" Cole Reissues WIN A Positive Feedback 2010 Brutus Award! "...if you haven't picked up every one of the Blue Note and Nat King Cole reissues from Chad Kassem and company at Acoustic Sounds, you're really missing out!" - David W. Robinson, Positive Feedback , Issue 52 "...As much as I'd love to relay all kinds of anecdotes about the challenges Steve Hoffman and Kevin Gray encounter during the mastering sessions, I witness none. These boys know the sound of the facility and the Van Gelder masters like the backs of their hands...Back home a month later, I unpack some test pressings Chad Kassem has sent me...I hear the most realistic-sounding drums ever reproduced by my system. It's as though I'm sitting at the point of creation, experiencing the same high that brought such gifted musicians together as one. Steve Hoffman, Kevin Gray, Chad Kassem, and Don MacInnis have done Rudy Van Gelder and his Blue Note artists proud." - Jason Victor Serinus, Stereophile , April 2008 J.J. Johnson shared the front line with his tenor master for an exceptional session that features a unique reworking of "Poor Butterfly" and a great original "Why Don't I." Horace Silver is the pianist, but Thelonious Monk replaces him on "Reflections" and both pianists alternate throughout a stunning version of "Misterioso." Recorded in 1957.Art Blakey, drums Paul Chambers, bass J.J. Johnson, trombone Thelonious Monk, piano Sonny Rollins, sax (tenor) Horace Silver, piano

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Muddy Waters - FOLK SINGER LP 33RPM 200gr.

Label: Analogue Productions Now at 33 1/3 RPM! Mastered by Bernie Grundman from the original 1964 Chess analog masters 200-gram vinyl pressed at Quality Record Pressings Gatefold jacket with extra photos! Follow along as writer/professor Wayne Goins explores the creation of Folk Singer , and leads a visual tour of the former Chess Records studios, here. There are a handful of landmark albums in any genre. In the blues, one of them is Muddy Waters' Folk Singer. It's been an audiophile staple for years. Originally released in 1964, Folk Singer was the only acoustic album Waters ever recorded, thus becoming the first and perhaps best blues concept album ever. Muddy of course started out playing acoustic blues in the Delta, and he's clearly very comfortable in this return to his roots, which was designed to appeal to the mid-1960s surge of interest in folk music. Muddy's supporting cast includes a very young Buddy Guy on guitar, Willie Dixon at the upright bass and Clifton James on drums. This recording has enormous presence with ample room for Muddy's booming voice to resonate. Praise for our 45 RPM edition of Folk Singer : "The Quality Record Pressing is drop-dead quiet-as silent as the best Japanese pressings from the late 1970s-and the amount of inner detail released is simply astonishing...the sound is sweet, liquid and free of harshness and edge. The dynamics are mind-boggling. When Muddy takes it up ten notches to emphasize a point it's positively explosive in a way the 33 1/3 version only suggests." Music = 9/10, Sound = 10/10! - Michael Fremer, "How about a 45 RPM set from Analogue Productions' recently launched Quality Record Pressings Facility, mastered by Bernie Grundman, in a beautiful gatefold jacket with extra sessions shots? It's been ages since I've heard LP surfaces this quiet - as in dead quiet. The expense and effort that Chad Kassem and company put into this venture are immediately obvious. ... Making music together bring this recording to life as never before. It's by far the best sounding and most engaging version yet... analog lovers will be in hog heaven." - Wayne Garcia, The Absolute Sound , May/June, Issue 223 Side 1 1. My Home Is In The Delta 2. Long Distance 3. My Captain 4. Good Morning School Girl 5. You Gonna Need My Help Side 2 6. Cold Weather Blues 7. Big Leg Woman 8. Country Boy 9. Feel Like Going Home

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Thelonious Monk - Les Liaisons Dangereuses 1960 - LP180gr.

Thelonious Monk - Les Liaisons Dangereuses 1960 - LP Sam Records & Saga present : Thelonious Monk - Les liaisons dangereuses 1960 A landmark discovery ! Never-before released Thelonious Monk 1959 studio recording. Monk's only film soundtrack, for Roger Vadim's famed French film Les Liaisons Dangereuses 1960. Features Monk's 1959 all-star working band of Charlie Rouse, Sam Jones & Art Taylor, plus special guest French Saxophonist Barney Wilen. Recorded at Nola Penthouse Sound Studio, 111 W. 57th., New York, N.Y., July 27, 1959. 2017 celebrates the centennial of one of jazz's greatest composers & pianists. First official release with the full permission and cooperation of the Thelonious Monk Estate. Mastered from the original master tapes. Cut by Benjamin Joubert at Biduloscope Mastering in Paris. 150g vinyl LP pressed by GZ using the stampers from Pallas in Germany. Glossy flipback cover. 4-page booklet with previously unseen black & white photos from the recording session. Essays by Alain Tercinet. Each record has been visually checked to prevent defects. Charlie Rouse (Tenor Saxophone) Barney Wilen (Tenor Saxophone) Tracks A1, A2, B4 Thelonious Monk (Piano) Sam Jones (Bass) Art Taylor (Drums) Side A A1 Rhythm-a-Ning 5'47 A2 Crepuscule with Nellie 5'16 A3 Six in One 4'28 A4 Well, You Needn't 4'57 Side B B1 Pannonica (solo) 2'27 B2 Pannonica (solo) 2'55 B3 Pannonica (quartet) 6'20 B4 Ba-Lue Bolivar Ba-Lues-Are 6'57 B5 Light Blue 2'47 B6 By and By 1'47 (We'll Understand It Better By and By)

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Lizz Wright - FREEDOM & SURRENDER 2LP 180gr.

Label:Concord Lizz Wright Concord debut on vinyl Lizz Wright makes her Concord debut with Freedom & Surrender . Renowned for her earthy voice & emotive straight-forward vocals, she teams with four-time Grammy-winning bassist and producer Larry Klein, who's best known for his work with Joni Mitchell, Tracy Chapman, Herbie Hancock, Shawn Colvin, & Melody Gardot. Side 1 Freedom The Game The New Game Lean In Side 2 Right Where You Are River Man Somewhere Down The Mystic Real Life Painting Side 2 To Love Somebody Here And Now You Side 4 Blessed The Brave Surrender 

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