Yo-Yo Ma, Ennio Morricone ‎– Yo-Yo Ma Plays Ennio Morricone 2LP 180gr.

Label:Music On Vinyl ‎- Sony Classical


The Mission
A1 Gabriel's Oboe
A2 The Falls
Guiseppe Tornatore Suite
A3 The Legend Of 1900: Playing Love
A4 Cinema Paradiso: Nostalgia
A5 Cinema Paradiso: Looking For You
A6 Malena: Main Theme
A7 A Pure Formality: Main Theme
Sergio Leone Suite
B1 Once Upon A Time In America: Deborah's Theme
B2 Once Upon A Time In America: Cockeye's Song
B3 Once Upon A Time In America: Main Theme
B4 Once Upon A Time In The West: Main Theme
B5 The Good, The Bad And The Ugly: Ecstasy Of Gold
Brian De Palma Suite
C1 Casualties Of War: Main Theme
C2 The Untouchables: Death Theme
Moses And Marco Polo Suite
C3 Moses: Journey
C4 Moses: Main Theme
C5 Marco Polo: Main Theme
The Lady Caliph
D1 The Lady Caliph: Dinner
D2 The Lady Caliph: Nocturne 

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