Synergistic Research Core 2.0 USB Digital

Synergistic research est un producteur artisanal de câbles américains Hi-Fi hdg que nous connaissons depuis plus de 15 ans.

The new Core 2.0 USB was engineered and voiced alongside our new Atmosphere X digital cables, to convey music with an unheard of level of emotion while at the same time raising the bar on resolution and holographic realism. At the core of this new level of performance is a new UEF Graphene shield that follows a strategic matrix or grid pattern for a dramatic reduction in the perceived noise floor. Core 2.0 also benefits from a new test criteria that enable us to achieve an amazing level of musicality without sacrificing resolution or lifelike soundstaging. And to take this cable to the next level we applied the same conditioning process as found in our award-winning Blue fuses for faster and more linear burn-in with higher performance. Core 2.0 embodies the heart of Synergistic Research technology and establishes a new benchmark in performance and value.

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