Synergistic Research Core UEF Level 1 XLR

Synergistic Research est un producteur artisanal de câbles américains Hi-Fi hdg que nous connaissons depuis plus de 15 ans.

Entry, meet next level.

Connecting your audio components with a pure noise-free signal path, Core UEF interconnects give you the life-like musical realism you demand from your system. And with uncompromised quality hand built in our California factory, state-of-the-art materials combine with the latest SR technology to transform the way you experience music.

Core UEF Level 1 interconnects are made from Silver Matrix Conductors terminated to either RCA or XLR using our exclusive UEF Graphene Termination Process that improves signal propagation for lifelike musical realism.

Core UEF Level 2 interconnects build on Level 1's performance with UEF Graphene Shielding for a dramatic improvement in shield performance and signal propagation. With Level 2 you get more of the Synergistic Research house sound for a price that belies its extreme performance. 

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