Enrico Rava Quintet - NEW YORK DAYS - 2LP 180g. ECM


Enrico Rava TrumpetStefano Bollani PianoMark Turner Tenor Saxophone Larry Grenadier Double-BassPaul Motian Drums 




1 LULÙ (Enrico Rava) 09:30
2 IMPROVISATION I (Stefano Bollani, Paul Motian, Mark Turner, Larry Grenadier, Enrico Rava) 04:20
3 OUTSIDER (Enrico Rava) 06:10
4 CERTI ANGOLI SEGRETI (Enrico Rava) 10:53
5 INTERIORS (Enrico Rava) 10:40
6 THANK YOU, COME AGAIN (Enrico Rava) 07:04
7 COUNT DRACULA (Enrico Rava) 03:14
8 LUNA URBANA (Enrico Rava) 07:35
9 IMPROVISATION II (Paul Motian, Enrico Rava, Larry Grenadier, Mark Turner, Stefano Bollani)07:48
10 LADY ORLANDO (Enrico Rava) 00:10 - 05:29
11 BLANCASNOW (Enrico Rava) 04:22

A new transatlantic quintet headed by Italian trumpeter Rava, recorded in New York in 2008 and a first ECM appearance for US tenorist Mark Turner, whose distilled, lean sound references Coltrane, Warne Marsh, Wayne Shorter and others. Turner's searching, analytical tone is in marked contrast to Enrico's lyrical flourishes, but the two make a fascinating pairing - especially with the resolutely musical pianist Stefano Bollani finding points of contact, and making his own statements. Add in the gifted bassist Larry Grenadier (last heard on ECM with Charles Lloyd) and that most unpredictable of all drummers, Paul Motian, and you have here a truly remarkable band.

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