Chet Baker Quartet - CHET BAKER IN PARIS Vol 1 - Barclay - 1955

Presented a "Recordings of the Year" award for 2013 by The Audio Beat at the 2014 International CES/The Home Entertainment Show in Las Vegas.

Recording : October 11th, 1955 - Pathé-Magellan Studio, Paris.
Original LP issue: Barclay 84.009.

This session, recorded at Studio Pathé-Magellan October 11 and 14, 1955 in Paris, is the first of three recordings released for the Barclay label between 1955 and 1956.

For his first recording-date in Paris Chet decided to tackle Bob Zieff's compositions, the same ones that Dick Twardzik had picked up in a hurry at the Alvin Hotel on his way to board the liner Ile-de-France. Violonist Dick Wetmore had just recorded the eight tunes, and Bob Zieff had had just enough time to revise the arrangements. Chet neither a champion sight-reader nor a big fan of rehearsals, hadn't yet played them in front of an audience. From that first French session only the reel referred to as a 'production tape' remains.

This 'complete Bob Zieff' gives an impression of unity that wellmatches the suite concept intended by the composer; as for "The Girl From Greenland", its role comes as a codicil. The record of Chet's quartet with Twardzik has now appeared in Ben Ratliff's book "Jazz, a Critic's Guide to The 100 Most Important Recordings" (The New York Times Essential Library); it's a fitting mention for an album that was long-unrecognised in the the United States...

Chet Baker (Trumpet)
Dick Twardzik (Piano)
Jimmy Bond (Bass)
Peter Littman (Drums)

Side A

  • Rondette 2'10
  • Piece Caprice 5'10
  • Mid-Forte 3'07
  • Research 4'59
  • Pomp 4'41

Side B

  • Sad Walk 4'14
  • Just Duo 4'12
  • The Girl From Greenland 5'14
  • Brash 5'56

Re-mastered from the original master tapes.
Limited edition 1000 copies.
180 gr vinyl pressed by Pallas in Germany.
Facsimile reissue using the original photo by Jean-Pierre Leloir.
Double insert using an original photo by JP Leloir from the session.
Each record has been visually checked to prevent defects.

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