Arshid Azarine & Friends - SING ME A SONG LP 45RPM

12'' Vinyl limited edition - 45RPM

Classically trained under pianist Romano der Abrahamian and Aghdas Pourtorab, Paris based Iranian born musician, Arshid Azarine contributed to the rebirth of Persian Jazz at the end of the 1990s. In 2000 he creates a "multi kulti" jazz fusion sextet called Azarine 6, an experimental musical lab mixing modern jazz, world music, poetry & inviting unexpected guests for new performances...  

A Side

1. Tcheltcheleh (Featuring Habib Meftahboushehri)  03:22
2. Baran  (Featuring Amir Rafaati)      05:31
3. Tchisti (Featuring Makan Ashgvari)   04:19
4. The Valley of Love (Featuring Niaz Nawab)  03:18 

B Side
5. Hidden Hell (Featuring Roya Arab)   03:50
6. Talab re-edited (Featuring Arshid Azarine Trio) 05:20
7. La liberté de Vashti et le mariage d'Esther (Featuring Azarine 6) 02:46
8. Marabeboos Tango re-edited (Featuring Sussan Deyhim)  05:04 

Intergenerational, intercultural, a truly musical fusion led by Iranian tradition, "Sing Me a Song" is the peak of maturity for diasporic musicians. Those who managed to absorb a new culture while keeping the one of their origins.

Compositions written by : Arshid Azarine & Friends - Published by Melmax Music

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