Abbey Lincoln - STRAIGHT AHEAD LP 180gr.



1. Straight Ahead
2. When Malinda Sings
3. In the Red
4. Blue Monk
5. Left Alone
6. African Lady
7. Retribution 

This is one of Abbey Lincoln's greatest recordings. It is a testament to the credibility of her very honest music (and her talents) that Lincoln's sidemen on this date include the immortal tenor saxophonist Coleman Hawkins, who takes a memorable solo on "Blue Monk", Eric Dolphy on flute and alto, trumpeter Booker Little (whose melancholy tone is very important in the ensembles), pianist Mal Waldron and drummer Max Roach (her husband from 1962 to 1970).
This is another in Pure Pleasure's Candid Series, featuring reissues from an incredible label that met its demise some 40 years ago. The American Candid label has achieved a near legendary status among the critics and the International jazz and blues public. The series was born in 1960 when Archie Bleyer, owner of the Cadence label decided to indulge his love of jazz and blues and create his own line - called Candid. Archie approached Nat Hentoff - a likeable and knowledgeable critic, author and journalist active in New York at the time. Hentoff accepted the challenge of producing the albums and history was made. However, the label went out of business in 1961 and remained that way for a quarter of a century. Then Alan Bates acquired the masters and renamed his Black Lion Productions company Candid. Bates made the Candid titles available again on CD. These Candid titles were very well recorded and the performances generally are stunning. Great sound and music.

"If you drew a line with Ella, Dianne Reeves et al on one side and Nina Simone, Billie Holiday and the like on the other, Lincoln firmly sides with the latter: jazz singing with negligible pop or crossover content. This 1961 session with geniuses like Eric Dolphy, Coleman Hawkins and Booker Little is a stunner. Its subtlety begs for vinyl playback." - Hi Fi News

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