Luxman M-700u

Notre ampli de puissance de référence

Le Luxman M700-u est une version plus compacte du M900-u et il délivre 2x120W. 

Son écoute est sublime. Puissance et musicalité, justesse de timbres sont au rendez-vous.

Entrées : 1x symétrique, 1x asymétrique

Puissance : 2x120W (8 ohms), 2x210W (4 ohms), 420W (8 ohms) en mono (bridgé).

Bande passante : 1Hz - 130kHz (0, -3dB)

Rapport signal/bruit : 115dB

Taille : 440 x 190 x 4275mm

Poids : 27,5kg

The M-700u power amp is the perfect partner for the C-700u, drawing upon Luxman's decades of experience in amplifier design to deliver an exquisite combination of rich sonic expression, fine detail, wide bandwidth and dynamic gusto. Stereo output is rated at 120W per channel into eight ohms and 210W per channel into four ohms, achieving up to 840W per channel into one ohm instantaneously. There is also a user-selectable mono mode with a rated output of 420W into eight ohms.

In order to achieve this level of power without sonic compromise, Luxman has implemented its ODNF 4.0 drive circuit utilising a four-parallel push-pull structure with three-stage Darlington. A Luxman 'Ultimate Efficiency Power Transformer' - an EI type rated at 550VA - forms the heart of the amp's power supply, with plentiful regulation ensuring an unshakable response to any load fluctuations. A high-capacity block capacitor contributes to the M-700U's ability to deliver lashings of power instantaneously yet remain firmly in control, while the amp's low-impedance transmission design, carefully selected custom components and short, fully optimised signal paths deliver maximum sonic purity


Item Value

Continuous rated output (stereo) 120 W + 120 W (8 Ω) 210 W + 210 W (4 Ω)

Continuous rated output (BTL) 420 W (8 Ω)

Continuous rated output (BTL) 840 W + 840 W (1 Ω)

Instantaneous maximum output (stereo) 840 W + 840 W (1 Ω)

Instantaneous maximum output (BTL) 1680 W (2 Ω)

Input sensitivity 1.1 V/120 W, load 8 Ω

Gain 29.0 dB

Input impedance LINE 51 kΩ


Total harmonic distortion 0.009 % or less/1kHz · 120 W, load 8 Ω

0.1 % or less/20Hz-20 kHz

Frequency response +0, −0.1dB/20Hz-20kHz

+0, −3.0dB/1Hz-130kHz

S/N ratio 115 dB (IHF-A weighted, input short)

Damping factor 350

Power consumption 370 W

110 W (under no signal)

0.4 W (at standby)

Power supply 230 V ~ (50 Hz)

Max. external dimensions 440 (W) × 190 (H) × 427 (D)mm

Weight 27.5 kg

Prix: 7,490€ TTC

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