Your music is our passion

    The right match

In an audio system, the right matches make the difference and give the balance of the whole, beyond the excellence of each component.

The Zen Hi-fi showroom 

We offer you a privileged listening experience, support and advice for your sound project. You will find at Zen Hi-fi a professionally designed showroom - dedicated electrical circuit, no acoustic treatment, high-end cables on request only - with selected associations ....... and of course a lot of Music! A large selection of media and titles of all genres.

    Your listening space
    We advise you on how to better exploit your sound space, and which speakers fit better in your room. We are available to audit your system, and we can provide on request an inclusive turnkey service for delivery, installation and implementation.

    The "last" mile element
    Accessories - furniture, supports - and cables - power, modulation, HP - are an integral part of the hi-fi system, and they are an important component of the entire system. We advise and verify with you the best choices and associations for your installation.

    Our services
    Consulting, delivery, installation and tuning are only the tip of the iceberg visible of our activity with you. We also offer upgrade services, demonstrations and advice on request, and organize special events for our clients.

    The music
    Our goal is to improve and optimize together the reproduction and listening of your music on your system. The music is always in the middle of this project. We offer you a wide selection of music in any format, and at the same time we invite you to listen together to your reference recordings. 

    "Only listening counts"

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