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Who we are

 Zen Hi-fi is the brand of an independent company that I created in Paris in 2015.

Zen Hifi is the culmination of a personal project linked to the passion for music and music reproduction. HiFi or Hi-Fi is the abbreviation for the English word "High Fidelity", which means in French "Haute-Fidélité". The aim is to obtain a sound reproduction as close as possible to the original in all its states and places: the recording room for studio albums, small clubs as well as in larger concert halls, theaters and festivals.

I grew up with the analog sound of radio and vinyl, and I am also comfortable with new technologies including digital music.

To start Zen Hifi, I chose the format showroom by appointment, that allows us to establish a more complete and confidential exchange, around music.

The appointment will guarantee an effective individual counseling session as well as the best preparation of the showroom for your listening. We look forward to hearing from you.

We can also provide you guidance remotely when possible, and deliver our services in your country on demand depending on your project.

Enjoy your music!

Aldo Runcini

Zen Hi-Fi Founder and Managing Director

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